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We offer a variety of combinations allowing centralized mail delivery to multiple tenants, incoming mail, outgoing mail, and parcel lockers. Below, are a few examples of commercial mailboxes.
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Mail delivery affects every home and business in the country. Americans typically trust that our mail will be delivered safely and intact, however, that is not always the case. Despite your best effort, thieves may still persist in their efforts- that is where we come in.

Architectural Building Services offers safe, locking, USPS approved mailboxes so that you can ensure that your mail only gets to you, your business, or your tenants. Don’t wait until something has been stolen- be proactive and install a secure USPS approved locking mailbox unit today. Put your mind at ease knowing that any mail being delivered to your home, business, or living complex is safe & secure.


We want to make sure that your mail is safe at home.

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Mail theft is scary - your mail is inundated with personal information, including bank account information, medical records, bills, and more. Do not put yourself at risk. Mail theft is not a violent crime, but it can certainly cause a lot of damage. Call us today to find out how easy it is to install your very own secure USPS approved locking mailbox unit.


Mail Boss and Mail Manager curbside locking mailboxes are your best
defense against mail theft, a leading cause of identity theft.
The locking access door allows the letter carrier to deposit your mail through an opening just large enough to accept a box of cheques but designed to prevent thieves from stealing your sensitive personal information.

Made of heavy gauge galvanized steel with patented security features, Mail Boss provides unrivaled protection against mail thieves and mailbox vandalism.

Electro-galvanized steel is finished with a durable powder-coat so your mailbox will withstand the elements.

With the patented Fast-Trak Mounting Plate, easily install your secure mailbox in minutes on any existing post or surface.

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Mail Manager​
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Big mailbox—mailbox in Mukilteo, WA
Mail Boss
Mail Boss
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Mail Manager​
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